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Outsourced IT Support for Greater Chicagoland Businesses.

We provide real-time outsourced IT support that supports your people, devices, and applications - all in one platform. Streamline your IT processes and secure your business with expert guidance close to home.

Guaranteed to reduce your IT expenses.

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Outsourced IT can be complicated.

Genuity’s IT support empowers businesses through simple and streamlined IT management.

With our modern, user-friendly software, be in the know on all your company’s IT needs regardless of technical expertise. Gain peace of mind knowing everything is documented & knowledge is consolidated without the technical jargon.

Centralized IT Management

Efficiently oversee your devices, networks, & apps from a single hub. No need to navigate through it alone - receive proactive suggestions & guidance along the way.

Employee IT Support

Provide your team access to an elite squad of IT experts to resolve issues fast and maintain your employee productivity.

Strategic IT Projects

Ensure your project has the right talent on the job with a team of experts you can trust with everything IT - from network management & security, to systems ops & architecture.

IT Security

Implement air-tight security tools to protect your organization against threats.

Employee On- & Offboarding

Ensure the success of new team members from their very first day to their last and streamline the on and offboarding process for employees - everything from apps to equipment.

Empowering 1000s of users, daily,
with Genuity IT.


Companies in compliant industries


Managed assets, growing daily


End users and counting

Genuity's Offerings

Comprehensive Managed IT Services

Includes support, monitoring, maintenance of IT infrastructure, and more, with expert guidance available within minutes to resolve issues & maintain productivity.

Cybersecurity Solutions & Safeguards

Emphasis on innovative and robust cybersecurity solutions to safeguard data, monitor environments, and proactively take action against threats.

Cloud Solutions & Accessibility

Offerings tailored for cloud solutions, enabling access to critical applications from any device or location for enhanced performance and flexibility.

Why Genuity is a cut above other IT providers:

Flat-rate, transparent pricing
On-site & remote support
Over 50% reduction in IT costs (over other IT solutions)
Real-time support with messaging (Slack & Teams)
Guaranteed response time with service-level agreement (SLA)
A singular software platform to see all of your IT

Genuity works with just about everything.

As our customers say, it's a no brainer.

Bolster your capital efficiency and wrangle the ever expanding "tech sprawl" that continues to add cost and complexity.

Free Yourself from the IT Burden.

A solution for every situation. Just as every business looks different, so are its IT needs. Our outsourced IT support will fit every situation, from office manager turned de facto IT person to in-house IT teams.

Transform your IT management from a nightmare to a dream.

Has "IT" been added to your job description? If IT isn't your passion, it's difficult and frustrating when IT issues take you away from your primary responsibilities. That's what we're here for. The Genuity team takes care of every aspect of your IT environment, so you can focus on what's actually important: getting stuff done!

Short on bandwidth? IT headaches?

Do you have the IT infrastructure support you need to perform your job effectively and manage all of your team's IT needs, such as network management and employee on- and off-boarding? Let Genuity's Outsourced IT Support fill the gaps, allowing you to focus on important IT initiatives.

We love to help our customers scale their business.