Microsoft Office 365 Migration Services in Chicago

Genuity IT provides comprehensive Office 365 consulting services, ensuring a smooth and efficient migration process that maximizes productivity from day one

About Genuity IT

  • 5+ years as Microsoft partner Management
  • 1000s of Microsoft migrations executed
  • 30+ Microsoft certifications/capabilities
  • 12 Microsoft experts on staff
  • Over 60 years of combined experience with Microsoft 365

Our Microsoft 365 Expertise

At Genuity IT, our depth of Microsoft 365 knowledge is matched by our commitment to ensuring that every client achieves optimal results from the cloud. We focus on securing data integrity and maintaining seamless business continuity throughout the migration process, ensuring that all aspects of your existing infrastructure are considered and appropriately managed.

We can handle every detail of the migration process, from initial planning and setup to final implementation and post-migration support. Our approach is designed to minimize downtime and ensure that your team can start benefiting from the full suite of Office 365 features without delay.

Our Microsoft 365 Migration Offerings

Office 365 Consulting Services

Genuity IT provides expert Office 365 consulting services to help you optimize the way you use Office 365. Our consultants will assess your current IT infrastructure, identify key areas for improvement, and develop a strategy tailored to your specific business needs, ensuring you enjoy all the benefits Office 365 has to offer.

Office 365 Migration Services

Our Office 365 migration services are designed to seamlessly transition your business to a powerful new cloud environment with minimal disruption. We handle everything from data migration to user setup and training, ensuring all your files, emails, and collaboration tools are transferred accurately and efficiently.

Why Migrate to Microsoft 365?

Enhanced Collaboration Tools

Migrating to Microsoft 365 gives you access to advanced collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, and OneDrive, which facilitate seamless communication and teamwork. These tools allow employees to work together in real-time, regardless of their location, enhancing productivity and fostering a more connected workplace environment.

Improved Security Features

Microsoft 365 offers robust security features that help protect your data from external threats and internal vulnerabilities. Features such as Advanced Threat Protection, Data Loss Prevention, and Multi-Factor Authentication ensure that your sensitive business information is secured against cyber threats, reducing the risk of data breaches.

Scalability and Flexibility

Microsoft 365's cloud-based structure allows you to scale your operations more efficiently. As your business grows, you can easily add or remove users, manage permissions, and adjust resources without significant upfront investments, providing flexibility to meet changing business demands.

Access to the Latest Updates

With Office 365, your organization gains access to the latest productivity tools and features without the need for manual updates. Automatic updates ensure that your software is always current, reducing IT workload and providing your team with the latest innovations from Microsoft.

Cost Efficiency

Migrating to Office 365 can significantly reduce IT costs associated with maintaining on-premise servers and software. The subscription-based model offers predictable costs and reduces the need for expensive hardware upgrades and maintenance, helping to streamline budgeting and financial planning.

Enhanced Reliability and Uptime

Office 365 services are hosted on globally distributed servers with redundant backups, offering 99.9% uptime and ensuring that your business operations continue smoothly without interruption. This reliability is crucial for maintaining productivity and customer satisfaction.

What Our Customers Say

Explore firsthand accounts in our testimonial section, where clients share their experiences with our Office 365 migration services. Learn how our expertise in transitioning to Office 365 has streamlined operations and enhanced productivity for businesses across various industries.

“Being shown how much we were spending on services was a wake up call.

Seeing these reports has been incredibly helpful for the entire team.”

Brandon Hardy


Perkin Hardy Strauss

“I know first-hand the needs of small businesses.

Genuity has not only been a huge asset for us, but for the businesses we work with, as well.”

Scott Kitun


CEO at Technori

“Before Genuity, I was using spreadsheets to manage and track our IT spending.

This is a cost effective solution that's already saved me thousands.”

Greg Bertsch


Partner at Duggan Bertsch