Managed IT Services in Chicago

Genuity's Managed IT Services assume, transform, and run IT operations of Chicago businesses like yours to improve long-term effectiveness and optimize efficiency.

As a leading managed services provider in Chicago, Genuity IT delivers customized IT support to meet the unique needs of local businesses.

Chicago IT Services

What are Managed IT Services?

When you are no longer worried about data loss or computer problems, you can better focus on what really matters—achieving your vision for your business. This is the core idea behind Genuity IT's managed IT services. Our comprehensive offering provides you with complete, managed IT solutions that handle everything from data security to hardware maintenance and software updates.

As a managed IT services provider in Chicago, Genuity IT ensures that your IT infrastructure is not only functional but also optimized for your specific needs. Whether you need assistance with network management, cybersecurity, or cloud services, our team is equipped to provide the support you need.

What Makes Genuity IT One of The Top MSPs in Chicago?

Our managed IT solutions free your team to focus on more meaningful, high-impact work. We provide flexibility and scalability to meet unforeseen changes in your business, while also offering more predictable operating costs and reduced risks.

In our role as a managed services provider, we are ready to provide the technical support and training you need when you suddenly lose key staff or need to adopt new and unfamiliar technology to stay competitive. Partnering with Genuity IT for managed IT services in Chicago gives you access to reliable solutions tailored to your business needs.

Genuity IT offers unparalleled managed IT solutions to enhance your business operations and efficiency.

Our Range of Managed IT Services

  • Infrastructure Management
  • Compute/Converged/Virtualization
  • Cloud & Storage
  • Data Protection
  • Network & Operating Systems
  • Domain-Azure AD, Active Directory & Google Workspace
  • Managed Solutions
  • IT as a Service
  • Disaster Recovery as a Service
  • Infrastructure as a Service
  • Backup as a Service
  • Platform as a Service
  • Security Management
  • Automated Asset Discovery
  • Intrusion Detection & Event Correlation
  • Vulnerability Assessment & Forensics
  • Log Management & Compliance Reporting
  • Dark Web & User Activity Monitoring
  • Endpoint Detection & Response
  • Security Orchestration

With Genuity IT as your managed services provider, you can count on comprehensive support and expert solutions for all your IT needs.

Leverage Our Expertise

We know that hiring a fully loaded IT team can be expensive. That's why we provide you with access to the expertise of our tech experts through our managed IT solutions, without all the accompanying expenses.

Between our Service Desk, Professional Services, and Customer Success teams, your issues are never too far away from being resolved. Additionally, our partnerships with key technology providers improve response times for any requests or remote troubleshooting sessions needed, providing top-notch managed IT services in Chicago.

Different Support Model, Same Benefits

Agile & Optimized IT EnvironmentAgile & Optimized IT Environment
Increased System Health & StabilityIncreased System Health & Stability
Added Cost Predictability & Service FlexibilityAdded Cost Predictability & Service Flexibility
Reduced Burden on IT Staff MembersReduced Burden on IT Staff Members

Our managed IT services in Chicago ensure that your business receives top-tier support and expertise to thrive in a competitive market.

Being shown how much we were spending on services was a wake up call. Seeing these reports has been incredibly helpful for the entire team.”

Brandon Hardy

Brandon Hardy

Perkin Hardy Strauss

Your Time Is Your Most Precious Resource

Your team is the engine of your business, keeping tools functioning, employees productive, and data secure. We know that your value doesn’t come from closing tickets quickly alone—it comes from your ability to keep the business moving! That's what Genuity does best: as a managed services provider, we take on tasks and cross-departmental requests so you can focus on more important work, ensuring a total team effort for success.

As a leading managed services provider in Chicago, we aim to give you back the time to focus on business-critical work. Our managed IT services in Chicago are designed to support your team by handling the technical tasks that can distract from your core objectives.

With Genuity's managed IT solutions, your team can shine by concentrating on strategic initiatives that drive your business forward, while we take care of the IT challenges. This way, your business benefits from a seamless operation and enhanced productivity.

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