Chicago Remote Team IT Support

Given how interconnected and fast-paced the business world is, there truly is no such thing as a “small problem” when it comes to IT.

Even a brief, half-hour period of unexpected downtime means that employees can’t collaborate with one another. Communication and productivity begins to suffer. Clients begin to experience delays, which can cause untold harm to your reputation.

Bringing in a dedicated IT employee (or even a team) to focus on decreasing downtime and boosting productivity may seem like an obvious choice – but it’s also an expensive one. One study indicated that you should expect to spend between $7,500 and $28,000 just to find and onboard a new employee, which is before you get to costs associated with their salary, benefits, and more.

At Genuity, we see things a bit differently. If yours is a business that experiences seasonal fluctuations, or if you’re concerned with technology support during off-hours, or if you’re going through any one of the many common IT issues that businesses often, partnering with a remote IT support company in Chicago can help enormously.

Ensuring seamless IT operations isn’t your job –it’s ours. To learn more about our remote team IT support services in Chicago, contact one of our team members at Genuity today so that we can get started.

Let Our People Support Yours

Supplementary IT solutions like Chicago remote team IT support can help you stay on track, regardless of how fast things are moving around you. They’re designed for situations that include but are not limited to ones like:

  • Your business is growing and you’re bringing in a lot of new employees and need additional technology support until things settle down. In that case, remote IT support teams make more financial sense than bringing on your own IT teams.

  • Yours is a business that experiences significant seasonal fluctuations. If things get intense during a few specific months of the year but tend to slow down in other instances, putting together your own in-house support team (or at least a large one) might not make logistical sense.

  • You’re dealing with the type of IT skills gap that an estimated 27% of enterprises are currently battling. You need specific technology skills to support your goals but you can’t find the job candidates to fill them.

  • You need to focus on core activities. Your staff are being bogged down by IT issues and maintenance tasks. They need to free up their time to focus on core activities and strategic goals.

  • Remote support is the perfect option for situations where you may have a specific project that will end at some point and you just need the additional manpower for the short-term.

  • You regularly experience tech-related issues during off hours. Enlisting the help of a remote team IT support company in Chicago can provide you with the assistance you need 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days per year.

IT Supplemental Services Built With Your Business in Mind

Remote team IT support services in Chicago give you the ability to build and support an IT infrastructure that is unique to your long-term goals.

Everything that we offer can be customized to your unique requirements, allowing you to create a legitimate competitive advantage for yourself in the marketplace. If all organizations have access to the same set of resources when it comes to IT, you’ll likely end up with companies that become all but indistinguishable from one another.

But when you have the flexibility that IT support for remote teams offers, you can approach things from a fresh new angle and give yourself a set of tools that nobody else does.

The Help You Need, When and Where You Need It

At Genuity, we want you to have access to the type of specialists and diverse skill sets you need to support your goals. We want to help you take a more proactive approach to maintenance to minimize downtime and improve system performance by working “smarter, not harder.” We want to free up as much of your IT budget as possible so that it can go into other areas of your operations where that money will make the biggest impact.

We want to do all this and more, all at the exact same time – which is why remote team IT support is a core part of what we do.

Because our Chicago remote team IT support is built with your unique needs in mind, it’s in our best interest to begin this journey by finding out as much about those needs as we can. Contact Genuity today to speak to one of our team members so that we can learn more about you and find out exactly what we can do to help.