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Managed Cybersecurity Services Provider in Chicago

Genuity IT provides managed cybersecurity services in Chicago to keep your data secure, your insurance affordable, and your finance manager happy.

Managed Cybersecurity Services

Our comprehensive security suite delivers confident and affordable protection for Chicago businesses.

What Is Managed Cybersecurity?

Managed Cybersecurity is a modern approach that allows businesses like yours to bolster your digital defenses without the need to heavily invest in in-house security infrastructure and specialist staff. Managed cybersecurity services providers give companies like yours access to a comprehensive suite of security services that are tailored to your specific needs and risk profiles.

Managed cybersecurity services encompass everything from real-time threat monitoring and incident response to compliance management and employee training. This ensures that security is integrated seamlessly into every aspect of a business's operations, acting not as an obstacle, but as a facilitator that allows the company to operate more swiftly and securely.

Cybersecurity-managed services enhance protection against digital threats.
Managed Cybersecurity companies streamline defenses for Chicago businesses like yours.

Why Hire A Managed Cybersecurity Company?

As security threats become more frequent and sophisticated, it's crucial for businesses like yours to adopt robust cybersecurity measures not only to protect your operations but also to manage costs effectively. Managed cybersecurity services providers offer you a proactive approach to safeguarding businesses, allowing you to stay ahead of potential threats while also reducing the likelihood of costly breaches.

By enlisting the help of cybersecurity managed services, companies can ensure that they have the latest security technologies and strategies in place, tailored to your specific needs.

Companies without adequate security measures may face higher insurance costs, making managed cybersecurity services an economically wise choice.

Our Security Stack

We developed our comprehensive security stack after careful evaluation and extensive testing of each solution. Our team has gained the necessary experience to fully optimize these tools, ensuring maximum protection for your business.

By conducting thorough research within the business landscape, cybersecurity industry, and consulting with insurance carriers, we have curated a suite of solutions designed to mitigate the majority of today's identified cyber threats.

Cybersecurity managed services safeguard your data with proactive measures.
Kaseya VSA with Software Management

We leverage Kaseya VSA to automate software management, ensuring your systems are always up-to-date and secure. This proactive approach helps protect against vulnerabilities and keeps your IT environment running smoothly.

Sophos Endpoint with Intercept X / XDR

Using Sophos Endpoint with Intercept X and XDR, we provide advanced threat detection and response capabilities. This solution safeguards your devices against malware and cyberattacks, ensuring comprehensive protection for your business.

Sophos Endpoint Encryption

We employ Sophos Endpoint Encryption to secure your sensitive data, both at rest and in transit. This encryption solution ensures that your information remains protected from unauthorized access and breaches.

Cisco Umbrella

With Cisco Umbrella, we deliver robust web protection and threat intelligence. This solution helps block malicious websites and phishing attempts, keeping your network safe from external threats.

Avanan Complete Malware

We utilize Avanan Complete Malware to provide comprehensive email security. This solution detects and neutralizes malware and phishing attacks within your email system, protecting your communications from cyber threats.

KnowBe4 Diamond with PhishER

We leverage KnowBe4 Diamond with PhishER to enhance your organization's security awareness. This training platform educates your employees on recognizing phishing attempts, while PhishER helps manage and respond to potential threats.

Kaseya Spanning O365 Backup

Using Kaseya Spanning O365 Backup, we ensure your Office 365 data is securely backed up and easily recoverable. This solution protects your business-critical information from data loss and facilitates quick restoration in case of incidents.

What Our Customers Say

We believe in our cybersecurity capabilities, but we don’t expect you to just take our word for it. Hear what our customers have to say to see firsthand how Genuity IT, one of the premier cybersecurity companies in Chicago, has enhanced the digital security landscapes of local businesses.

“Being shown how much we were spending on services was a wake up call. Seeing these reports has been incredibly helpful for the entire team.”

Brandon Hardy

Brandon Hardy

Perkin Hardy Strauss

“I know first-hand the needs of small businesses. Genuity has not only been a huge asset for us, but for the businesses we work with, as well.”

Scott Kitun

Scott Kitun

CEO at Technori

“Before Genuity, I was using spreadsheets to manage and track our IT spending. This is a cost effective solution that's already saved me thousands.”

Greg Bertsch

Greg Bertsch

Partner at Duggan Bertsch

Cybersecurity companies in Chicago offer proven cybersecurity solutions.

Get More For Your Investment in Cybersecurity

By bundling these solutions together, we are able to offer them at a significantly reduced cost, resulting in a 40% savings compared to purchasing each solution separately. This approach not only ensures comprehensive protection for your business but also provides exceptional value for your investment.

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